Top 5 Reasons For Pre-Planning

  1. You want to ease the emotional decision making on your family. If your family is unaware of your wishes they will be faced with making those decisions at a very difficult time. Avoid the confusion, conflicts and emotional overspending by making your plan in advance.
  2. You want to be financially responsible for your own end of life services. Families are often unable to come up with the funds to help pay for your cremation or burial. Leaving funds in a funeral trust will prevent your loved ones from coming up with those expenses at the time of your death.
  3. You want your final wishes to be followed. You may have a very clear idea as to what your disposition preferences are and they should be expressed in your plan. Once your plan is in place, all your family will have to do is make one simple call to us at Elements.
  4. You want to be proactive and have your affairs in order. Planning ahead is necessary in order for you to have that peace of mind that your wishes are in place and that you have done everything you can to ease the burden on your loved ones. Pre-planning your cremation or burial is just as important as preparing a will and financial planning.
  5. You want to protect yourself from rising funeral costs. When you pre arrange your services, you are guaranteed at today’s prices and the cost is frozen. This means that your family will not have to pay anything more than what you have already paid, relieving them of that financial burden or hardship.

What happens to your money?

Your money is protected and held in a Government approved and regulated trust fund. Only after a death has occurred and our services are provided, are your funds released to Elements. If you move, your Elements Pre-arrangement Plan can be transferred and honoured at any funeral home worldwide.


Create Your Plan. Call Elements Today

It is never too late to create your plan by pre-arranging. Contact us today and let Elements take all the guesswork, overspending and emotion out of funeral arrangements by organizing everything in advance.