Cremation $1339.50

25% Down $334.88

$167.44/mo for 6 months

Burial $1555

25% Down $388.75

$195.00/mo for 6 months

Funeral $1591

25% Down $397.75

$198.99/mo for 6 months

Families and executors have enough stress and things to do when a death occurs...running immediately to the bank or calling the credit card company should not be one of them.

Financing at the time of death is finally here and long overdue. NO interest, NO credit checks. Other funeral homes make you pay in full literally hours after an unexpected death. No client should be asked to take out high interest loans, use credit cards as their only option, or have to collect funds from relatives and friends. A loved one should never be left at the hospital or death certificates and cremated remains withheld because the invoice is not fully settled.

The Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit (which is only UP TO $2,500) and or insurance policies can take months to receive and it may not cover everything you require. Funeral homes will not wait to be paid - Elements will!

Furthermore, cost shouldn't be the reason to not have a service, a final viewing, that special urn or the celebration of life that truly fits. Our pricing and financing allow families to consider all their options and say goodbye as they want and need to. Death happens once and executors and families have one chance to make decisions that can have long lasting effects on survivors.