Compare Travel Insurance Plans

World Wide Travel Insurance Plan

  • Full coverage even with pre-existing health conditions
  • One time payment, coverage for life and all travel
  • Legal requirements and documents handled by Elements staff ie. consulate
  • Elements arranges funeral home details
  • No costs for family
  • Next of Kin travelling expenses to location of death are included
  • No max. limit on costs
  • Speak directly to a funeral director with one call 24 hrs/day

Traditional Travel Insurance

  • No coverage with pre-existing health conditions
  • Multiple payments, must renew for travel
  • Legal requirements & documents handled by family ie.consulate
  • You have to locate and deal with the out of town funeral home
  • Family must pay costs up front & get reimbursed only if approved
  • Next of Kin travelling expenses MAY be included
  • Max. costs not to exceed $3000 on average - not nearly enough!
  • Deal with inexperienced insurance reps and you make all the calls