For Professionals

We are the first modern end of life provider who works to support allied professionals dealing with seniors during their different stages of life: retirement and financial planning, health care, travel and ultimately the end of life environment. From Doctors and Home Care specialists to Lawyers, Financial Planners and Social Workers you will find Elements responsive and proactive. For your clients, Elements is the ‘missing’ piece of the planning puzzle.

At Elements we do not believe that if a death happens after hours clients should have to deal with answering services or wait two days before seeing a funeral professional. We are here to help quickly so families can return home sooner, take less time off of work and make important travel arrangements. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day an Elements funeral professional will meet with your clients when they need us the most. Death is not something you can plan but Elements plans to be open when it happens.

From innovation and financing at the time of death, to reasonable pricing, local ownership and mobile - multi ethnic staff, Elements is a funeral provider you can finally recommend with confidence.

Mutual Support

How can you help our clients? We meet with people at various stages of their life:

  • Healthy and 50 plus;
  • As they retire;
  • Facing a health scare or long term illness;
  • The loss of an elderly parent;
  • Downsizing or transitioning into a new care environment.

Pre-arranging their cremation, burial and or other services with Elements is often, and should be, a natural piece of the overall planning puzzle.

  • Is it in their Will for the Executor to follow?
  • Has money been put aside in financial plans to cover the expenses?
  • Are pre-arrangements part of health care directives and POA agreements?

When Elements serves a client, we serve their family and full circle of support: surviving spouse, children, caregivers, executors and extended family to name a few. Our staff come into contact with thousands of seniors and their “networks.” In turn, Elements has created a resource guide that is given to all our client families, listing trusted professionals who can help create that network of care and support our clients deserve.

Whether it is legal, financial, home care services or general support like real estate, moving, downsizing specialists, and consumer advocates, Elements wants you to join our list of trusted support experts.

We would be happy to sit down and better understand what your role is and how you can fit into the Elements circle.

Please contact us today at

Education for all of us

Many professionals working close to seniors know very little about what happens at death, including the legal, financial and disposition considerations. Our experienced staff offer on-going education for fellow professionals. If you are in need of an informative and entertaining presentation on how you can be better educated for dealing with, or answering questions about a client’s end of life planning this is an hour well spent. Visuals, handouts and Q&A round out our presentation that has been used for CEU credits and given to thousands of allied health and wealth professionals across North America:

  • Who is legally in charge?
  • The role of the executor;
  • What are the legal rights for the deceased inside the funeral home?
  • What happens at the moment of death in a health care setting and;
  • How to improve your own end of life customer service protocols are but a few of the topics covered.

The Elements presentation on end of life matters is ideal for simple Lunch & Learns, staff training, and larger speaking engagements such as conferences and AGMs. For more information contact us a

Enhance your role

The number one thing our clients say after pre-arranging is “I am so relieved I have my plan in place.” For many seniors, support is hard to find, often too expensive to obtain or simply not feasible. Recommending that a client pre-arrange is not only a gift to their families but can be a great way to increase the value of the advice you provide to your clients. This product:

  • Secures the prices - avoiding inflation;
  • Covers anybody regardless of age or health – or changes in health;
  • Saves the family and executors a great deal of headache at the time of death.

With your recommendation, they will feel relieved and the families will be thankful for this thoughtful and practical gift of good advice.