January 19, 2018

I just wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU at Elements cremation, pre-planning & burial for all your help with dad’s funeral. It was so nice for Terry, Larry and I that you took care of literally everything for us.From booking the venue for the service, the minister, ordering the flowers and the caterer, and creating our handout, all in the span of 4 days!The process was seamless for us, which was so needed at this sad time.It was also very kind of you to check in during the week to keep us updated on the progress, which took any worry away from us.Not having to deal with the details and make phone calls at the time was huge!!It is so nice to know that there is such a great option available at what would normally be a very stressful time.So, thank you from all of us for your great service.
Take care,Wendy Purcha for Terry, Larry and Wendy

February 21, 2018

With the passing of Dad earlier this month, we were faced with the daunting task of dealing with his affairs, without any pre-planning. That direction was simple - go to the local funeral home. Well, if you’ve never done that before, it is a horrific, overwhelming, emotionally-charged event. At a time of vulnerability, the staff (generally speaking) are charged with helping the client deal with those affairs, be it burial or cremation. It is their job and the business, but I found it to be completely a capitalist effort. I would never deny anyone the right to earn a living, or a business to earn profit, but what I was experiencing, and quite honestly, ready to sign off on, was the cost of a car! Fortunately for me, I had the presence of mind to ask my wife to come along. Having had some experience in this arena, her wisdom and unclouded mind played a critical role in stopping that purchase.
With one text to a very dear friend, we were connected with Greg from ELEMENTS CREMATION, PRE-PLANNING & BURIAL. THAT NIGHT, he came to my home, sat with us at our table and had everything settled in about an hour and half, FOR 1/5 OF WHAT THE OTHERS WERE PREPARED TO TAKE FROM US!
ELEMENTS CREMATION, PRE-PLANNING & BURIAL is more than a funeral service. They do “life planning” - anything that you or a loved one needs to better their lives, all the way to final rest.
call them before anyone else to find out how they can take care of you or your loved one(s).

April 30, 2018
Our family has been blessed to work with Jeremy and Greg from ELEMENTS CREMATION, PRE-PLANNING & BURIAL during a difficult and emotional time.
In our extended family, we’ve unfortunately had other family members suffer with illnesses that have resulted in a few of our loved ones passing away - most recently our beloved mom.
We found ELEMENTS CREMATION, PRE-PLANNING & BURIAL to be the perfect balance between professional service and personal support. Greg and Jeremy were very receptive with the family’s way of communication through digital channels and in-person. Since we all had busy schedules, we appreciated the after hours visits, calls, and texts. They were extremely accommodating over the planning period and were a tremendous resource for follow-up questions.
They also provided us with step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process. We fully appreciated the great attention-to-detail and thoroughness of the paperwork while HONOuRING our requests and respecting our traditions. We were also grateful with how they handled our mother with integrity, from her pickup and preparation to her service and cremation.
In addition to the great emotional support, we found ELEMENTS CREMATION, PRE-PLANNING & BURIAL to also be extremely professional and very affordable in the options they offered us with their wide external network of resources (flowers, catering, HD streaming, and urn options).
While our extended family has depended on ELEMENTS CREMATION, PRE-PLANNING & BURIAL on three previous occasions, we were very pleased with our personal experience with them. We have already recommended them to family and friends and will continue to do so going forward!
Thank you Greg, Jeremy & team for your support and friendship during this time.
- Garcia Family

May 9, 2018
Dear Jeremy & Brigitte
Thank you for you professionalism and sensitivity while discussing the death of my brother Bill.
Also, thank you for having his cremation done on time for us to be able to take his ashes and urn home to Winnipeg. We decided that Bill had not been a prairie boy for approximately 37-38 years. Bill liked trees and the Tree of Life urn turned out to be the most appropriate one.
Thank you, Bev Owens & Family

To Brigitte and Elements Cremation, Pre-Planning & Burial,
I would like to say a huge thank you to Elements Cremation, Pre-Planning & Burial. When you are grieving and at a loss after losing a loved one, you are so vulnerable, uncertain and utterly confused. What do you do next? To whom do you turn? What do funerals cost, how is it done? And can you trust anyone in the funeral business? Will they up-sell you, or insist on certain extras?
I can honestly say that Elements Cremation, Pre-Planning & Burial have done a fabulous job for my family and I. They addED a calming, professional strength to our meeting. We were gently shown how each step will proceed. You can feel how they share in your grief and sorrow, And there is no insistence on buying bigger or more expensive items. It’s so hard to say goodbye to your loved ones and Brigitte and Jeremy are awesome at guiding you along. They will find a way to customize each and every “farewell” so that you feel that it’s done properly, uniquely and lovingly.
Thanks, Kirsten Graham

Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial should be commended for its compassion to humans and their loved ones. A brief visit from loved ones is always welcomed.
Marie Mahoney

What a wonderful funeral home Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial is. Just true compassion.
Soojaymes Thomas

Bravo to Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial and it's President Jeremy May who genuinely understands the meaning of Family Grief .... Best Wishes and GOD Bless all ..
Carol Simpson