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We know that end-of-life arrangements can be difficult for you and your loved ones and may leave you with questions. Here are some of the most common questions we receive. 


Do I Need to Pay the Day I Arrange?

Unlike other funeral homes, we only require 50% down a week after the death, with the remaining balance paid over 6 months. However, if the deceased had Life Insurance, we are paid when the Life Insurance is received.


How Much does an Average Funeral Cost?

The average cost of funeral services from other service providers in British Columbia is between $10,000 - $15,000. At Elements, our funeral services are approximately $8,000.


How Long Does it take Elements to Get a Death Certificate?

From the moment of passing, it will take Elements approximately 3-5 days to obtain the Death Certificate of your loved one.


Is Embalming Required by Law?

Embalming is not required by law; however, many airlines for international shipment require it.


What Type of Services Do You Offer?

At Elements, we offer traditional services, memorial services (or Celebrations of Life), graveside services, and direct cremation. If there is another form of service that you prefer, let us know!



When do I receive the CPP Death Benefit?

It takes up to 12 weeks once you submit you application to Service Canada to receive the payment.

If you have other questions, please contact us at 604-946-9961.

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