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Dr. Myron Grant Schimpf PhD



Myron Schimpf was a man whose life was devoted to a love of God, building a strong family, and fostering caring relationships with the people who came into his life. He highly valued his many personal and professional relationships, and chose a career in Psychology for that reason. In his personal life, and his psychology practice his goal was to help people deal with issues and to become the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives. This caring has touched the lives of countless individuals over the course of Myron’s lifetime. We all learned so much from Myron, and are better people because of him. He remained hopeful and optimistic throughout his battle with cancer. Myron’s absence from this earthly life will leave a huge void for his family, those who loved him, as well as a loss that will be felt by many others. Myron’s life was well lived on earth, and now continues in the peace of heaven.

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