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Michael Chase Belvis Sanchez



Michael was born on July 10, 1985, in Baguio City Philippines. He died peacefully in his sleep on February 11, 2024.

He was very curious ever since he was young growing up. He loves taking his toys apart and then trying to repair or put them back together. He was never bored. He was a very good kid and had a great focus on his studies, which is why he did well in his grade school in the Philippines.

On March 19, 1998, Michael and his mom migrated to Canada. He started grade 7 at Rosser Elementary School in Burnaby and attended Alpha Secondary School from grade 8 till he finished high school. There, he met his faithful friends, and had been together for the last 26 years.

Michael loves cars, so in 2003 he went to BCIT to take up Auto Mechanic for 4 years. He finished the course up to the Apprenticeship Program and passed the Industry Training Authority (ITA) exams with high marks. He was a Red Seal that authorized him to work as a licensed Journeyman Auto Mechanic anywhere in Canada.

Michael’s job experiences started at Canadian Tire, then at Midas Automotive, KAL Tire, then Budget Brakes and Muffler. In 2019, he joined Lougheed ACURA Dealership. While working in Acura, he received Recognition of his Outstanding Contribution to the Acura Service for the years 2019 and 2021.

Besides work, he loves fishing, and traveling around locally and abroad. He found the time to spend with his close friends, but mostly with his mom whom he was devoted to. He loves food and he wanted to try the different good restaurants. He was a great son who had his mom as his best friend and confidant. They were very happy together each one could hardly survive without the presence of the other. He was a very responsible, caring, thoughtful, and loving person.

Michael will be dearly missed by his very loving mom, cousins, and relatives in the Philippines. He will also be missed by his long-time classmates/friends for 26 years. To name a few, Greg, Judy, Aaron, Brody, Anthony, Kurtman, and their families. His relatives here in BC, Auntie Elisa, Uncle Ceasar, Auntie Ana Marie, and Auntie Carol (his mom's friend) are always there for him and his mom.

A 1-month prayer is being held at Baguio City Cathedral, Aurora Hill Catholic Church, Don Bosco School Catholic Church, and QM Subdivision Catholic Church all in Baguio City, Philippines.

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