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Our licensed funeral professionals will meet with you to guide you through important decisions regarding burial and/or funeral arrangements, catering, church coordination, viewings, prayers, cemetery certificates, as well as casket & urn selections.


At the arrangement, bring the ID and the Will (if there was one) of the deceased. We will secure the medical certificate of death to register the death and produce death certificates and other required documentation.

With our burial services, you can choose to have just a burial or include a service as well. 

Our Services


At the time of death, we will guide you through the next steps in order to ease the overwhelming emotions that you will be encountering.

Caske Selecton

Casket Selection

All of our caskets are suitable for burial or cremation, with the exception of metal caskets.


Cloth Caskets

Wood & Veneer

Wood & Veneer Caskets

Metal Caskets

Green Caskets

*Prices are subject to change without notice

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