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No Out-of-Pocket Expense

You will need access to money immediately after a death. We offer coverage, not reimbursement.


Universal Coverage for All

Coverage is available for anyone regardless of age or health. There are no medical examinations required.

The Benefits of Pre-Planning with Elements


24/7 Support

Our plan provides 24/7 coverage. In just one phone call, you have access to licensed funeral directors, nurses, lawyers, and claim specialists.


Life Insured


Travel Protection

If you travel more than 100km away, all costs to bring you home are covered.


Installments Available

Payments can be made over 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 years.

Grand/Children Coverage

If a child/grandchild under 19 dies, they receive a free cash value equal to your policy. This is a separate policy from your own. This is activated once your policy is paid in full and is valid as long as you live.


If you die after one payment, all remaining payments are made for you. If you are unhealthy when you sign up, you must live 24 months plus a day for this same benefit.


Financial obligations do not end at death, but access to funds can become a challenge. Give the gift of pre-planning to clarify your overall estate and end-of-life wishes. This process will save time, stress, and financial hardship for survivors and leave your legacy behind how you envisioned it.


No Inflation

Our services and products never increase in price.

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